Tigger Tor 2021 results

  • May 27, 2021
  • Running
  • Christophe

The Tigger Tor 2021 should have taken place around the middle of January, however, due to the global Covid pandemic, this year it was never going to be a normal race. Instead of simply cancelling the race, a decision was made to instead make the 36th outing of the Tigger Tor into a virtual one. Now taking place throughout the whole of January, with a new route, new race categories, fewer checkpoints, and runners registering their own time, the race got off to a great start… until the 4th of January when a country-wide travel ban was announced. Nevertheless, a few people still managed to enter. The results were as follows:

Individual category

MsenSteve Franklin1970-01-01 00:57:06TAC
Bart Shaw1970-01-01 01:06:00TAC
Keith Swainson1970-01-01 01:08:26DPFR
Richard Smith1970-01-01 01:39:57
Dan Pickup 1970-01-01 01:51:57
MV40Al Buckley1970-01-01 01:02:26
Mark Anderson1970-01-01 01:04:00TAC
James Biggin1970-01-01 01:07:02TAC
Jack Foxall1970-01-01 01:08:36DPFR
James Burton1970-01-01 01:14:17DPFR
Stuart Reid1970-01-01 01:14:40
Chris Day1970-01-01 01:30:14TAC
Nick Woolley1970-01-01 01:38:21
Scott Blanks1970-01-01 01:46:04TAC
Matt Ridge1970-01-01 01:46:14TAC
Carl Wallwork1970-01-01 01:49:46
Pete McCoy1970-01-01 01:54:13TAC
MV50Mark Buskwood1970-01-01 01:16:48TAC
Chris Lawson1970-01-01 01:16:51
Tim Shiles1970-01-01 01:27:01TAC
MV60jim Paxman1970-01-01 01:20:00DPFR
Mark Gamsu1970-01-01 01:27:58DPFR
MV70 Colin White1970-01-01 02:01:24TAC
FSEN Rachel Thorley1970-01-01 01:12:54DPFR
Emma Mavin 1970-01-01 01:31:43DPFR
Georgie Hill1970-01-01 01:34:54DPFR
Fleur Jones1970-01-01 02:30:55Smiley Paces
FV40Caz Kay1970-01-01 01:14:37TAC
Rachel Biggin1970-01-01 01:33:07TAC
Rachel Bird1970-01-01 02:01:19TAC
Helen Young1970-01-01 02:44:54TAC
Kim Russon1970-01-01 02:44:55TAC
FV50Anne Hegarty 1970-01-01 01:54:00TAC