Dronfield 10k 2024 - race report, Totley AC results, route & GPX download

Dronfield 10k 2024 – race report, Totley AC results, route & GPX download

  • April 29, 2024
  • Running
  • Christophe

The Dronfield 10k is a very well-established local race raising funds for the 7th Dronfield Scout Group and the Dronfield Mayor’s Charity. Traditionally held around the end of April, it’s been a regular fixture since 1993. This is a road-race which is described as ‘undulating’. Tickets for the main event are limited to 1100 and a 2k fun-run starts from the same place a few minutes after the main event has started

This year’s race took place on the 28th April 2024 – a year already being spoken about as having one of the wettest starts to the year in living memory. The weather forecast cast leading up to the day wasn’t looking good and sadly they were spot-on – around 5 degrees and raining.

Nevertheless, I and 851 other runners dragged ourselves out of bed and assembled on the start-line just before 10am. The claxon sounded and the race started. It begins with a small loop – about a kilometre of gentle ascent – then downhill into two longer loops. The race is on closed roads, and even though you’re always either going up hill or downhill, none of the hills are particularly steep – however, I’d probably describe this race as ‘hilly’ as opposed to the advertised ‘undulating’. Regardless of the weather, there was a great atmosphere as always, with plenty of supporters braving the elements to cheer on the runners. The day appeared to go perfectly smoothly and a good time was had by all.

The winning time for the 10k was from Jack Wergen (Hallamshire Harriers of course!) finishing in a stunning 00:32:44 and first female was Hannah Walker (Dronfield RC) in 38:18. First Totley back was Joel Paisley in 00:38:19 followed by Claire Biercamp in 38:47

Dronfield 10k 2024 results – Totley AC

Full results here

Joel Paisley540M 18-2900:38:2000:38:19
Claire Biercamp62F 40-4900:38:4700:38:46
Alex Carlow128M 40-4900:38:5700:38:56
Jen Applegate18F 40-4900:41:1300:41:11
Mick Crookes175M 60-6900:43:2300:43:20
Paul Turner750M 40-4900:43:4100:43:32
Caz Kay419F 40-4900:43:4800:43:46
Elinor Smith676F 40-4900:44:1400:44:08
Chris Day195M 40-4900:44:1600:44:11
Liz Parsons549F 50-5900:44:2500:44:24
Melanie Gawthorpe269F 30-3900:44:3400:44:29
Sophie Middleton497F 30-3900:45:0500:44:59
Martin Robbins611M 50-5900:45:0700:44:57
Ruth Aylward964F 30-3900:45:2900:45:24
Paul Grayson292M 50-5900:46:3500:46:32
Edward Byard117M 40-4900:46:3800:46:29
Rachel Biggin63F 40-4900:46:4500:46:31
Jason Parsons550M 50-5900:46:4500:46:43
David Haire308M 40-4900:47:1600:46:57
Richard Sayers642M 40-4900:47:2300:47:14
Anne Hegarty335F 60-6900:47:3600:47:21
Chris Heggs336M 50-5900:47:4600:47:28
Liz Carthy135F 50-5900:48:4300:48:38
Ian Bates819M 40-4900:48:5100:48:35
Liz Dally182F 50-5900:48:5700:48:41
Kevin Megson968M 60-6900:48:5900:48:32
Amy Conlan157F 40-4900:49:3700:49:21
Helen Raynes595F 40-4900:49:3800:49:22
Mark Goodison285M 60-6900:49:5000:49:44
Wilf Fleming244M 60-6900:50:1900:50:00
Rachel Doole213F 30-3900:51:1500:50:57
Nadia Raza596F 40-4900:51:3500:51:18
Nasser Babazadeh28M 50-5900:52:1900:52:12
Minying Wang943F 50-5900:52:2600:51:59
Helen Cain121F 40-4900:53:0100:52:33
Kylie McAteer484F 60-6900:53:4100:53:24
Priya Popat576F 30-3900:53:4600:53:30
Pat Goodall284F 60-6900:54:5100:54:23
Jane Piggott564F 40-4900:55:2300:54:49
Yvonne Twelvetree752F 70+00:56:4400:56:27
Helen Young807F 50-5900:57:2700:56:45
Emma Sweetman717F 30-3900:59:3000:58:46
Sharon O’Leary530F 50-5901:00:0900:59:35
Bryony Hartley329F 40-4901:00:5001:00:15
Harriet Eisner226F 60-6901:05:0501:04:38
Anna Megson969F 60-6901:11:1301:10:29


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