Running technical points

Improving your technical running technique improves efficiency and helps avoid injury.

However, don’t try to modify your natural running technique to much too quickly as this can cause injury. Instead, use running drills to encourage good form and try to modify of better running technique over a longer period, focusing on one area at a time.

Here are the basic elements of good running technique:

  1. Posture – hold your torso straight up and vertical – imagine you have a helium balloon from the top of your head pulling you upwards
  2. Posture – Hold your head still, but relax your face and neck
  3. Arm position – keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees
  4. Don’t clench your fists  – imagine you are lightly holding an egg each hand.
  5. Arm position – ‘Pump’ your arms in rhythm with your running so your hands travel from your hip to your lip line
  6. Posture – keep your shoulders steady but relaxed.
  7. Arm position – Keep your arms close to your sides
  8. Technique – Run softly and quietly to reduce your foot impact for less stress on bones, joints, and muscles