Cat Lane Canter 2024 – race report, results, route & GPX download

  • April 22, 2024
  • Running
  • Christophe

Cat Lane Canter (2024) – route & GPX download

Cat lane Canter – race report 2024

This year was the first time I’ve done the Cat Lane Canter – a well-established Sheffield race I’ve certainly heard of, but never known anything about. Turns out it’s a really good one. That is if you enjoy lots of mud and some really big hills! I had a good injury-free winter season, so keen to keep the momentum going, I signed up for a lot of the local races I’ve always wanted to do. From my experience, that’s the really tough bit out of the way.

The day arrived and we turned up for registration. By this point, the only things I knew about the race were it’s off-road and the weather was looking good. A friend at registration told us the race is ‘undulating’, which was reassuring, but turned out to be a pretty big under-statement.

The Cat Lane Canter is a low-key running race fundraiser for Newfield Secondary School in Norton, jointly organised by Carfield Friends, Friends of Meersbrook Bank and Friends of Newfield. It turns out there is a huge ancient woodland behind the school that stretches from Lees Hall Golf club in the south, all the way down to Hangbank Wood in Gleadless, with Blackstock Road Recycling Centre in the East. The race starts in the school field with a loop before descending into the woods. There is a choice of a 5k race which is one loop of the woods and back to the field, or two loops for 10k race. Each loop includes around 150m of overall ascent on muddy trails or 300m in total for the 10k race. As you may have already gathered, if you don’t like hills, this race might not be the one for you – the ‘undulations’, as they were described to me, are actually some pretty tough climbs. Besides some decent climbs along the way, the ‘final slog’ of each loop goes on for about 1.5km with about 65 metres climb in the first loop and about 76 metres on the second loop to the finish

Although they ask for runners to car-share or make their way to the race on foot, there is ample parking at the school. Just over a 100 runners took part in the 10k race and just under 60 ran the 5k route. Beautiful spring weather on the day, just a slightly chilly wind in the exposed areas

Cat Lane Canter 2024 – 10k results

PositionRace numberTimeNameCategoryClubNotes
11770:41:02Felix WattsOSENDark Peak Fell RunnersWinner
21410:41:18Laurence PiercyOSENDark Peak Fell Runners2nd place
31760:41:41Katie WalshawFSENHolmfirth Harriers AC3rd overall and 1st Woman
4710:41:59Brent CarlinO40Kingstone Runners Barnsley3rd male and 1st M40
51850:42:41Toby WaterhouseOSEN
61630:43:38Sam StrainOSENHillsborough & Rivelin Running Club
71800:44:20Louis WoodO40Steel City Striders RC2nd M40
8910:45:34Will DoyleO40Totley AC
9760:46:14Michael CockingsO40Steel City Striders RC
101620:46:52James StoreyO50Steel City Striders RC1st M50
111290:47:00Dan MortonOSEN
121070:47:28Jack HetheringtonOSEN
13670:47:33James BradburyOSEN
141430:47:35Darrel PorterO40Steel City Striders RC
151610:47:36Russell StevensonO50Steel City Striders RC
161710:47:53Jed TurnerO60Steel City Striders RC1st M60
171230:48:22Aritri MandalFSENDark Peak Fell Runners2nd Woman
181190:48:50David LovattOSENKingstone Runners Barnsley
191140:48:54Alistair KerrOSEN
20830:49:03Alex CozensOSEN
211840:49:56Elliot WaterhouseOSEN
22850:49:59Chris DayO40Totley AC
231090:50:27Scott HusseyO40Steel City Striders RC
241690:50:31Paddy TreehowesO50Steel City Striders RC
251720:50:34Paul TurnerO40Totley AC
261700:51:22Nick TrippO60Sheffield Triathlon Club
27920:51:46Helen ElmoreF50Dark Peak Fell Runners3rd Woman, 1st F40 and 1st F50
281000:51:49Steve GourlayO40Steel City Striders RC
291030:51:55Nick HailsO40Hillsborough & Rivelin Running Club
30580:52:12Jessica BanksFSENSheffield Triathlon Club
31730:52:34Ricky CharlesworthOSEN
321280:53:11Gabriel MorrisonOSEN
331590:53:26Martin SlackO50Steel City Striders RC
341060:53:41Richard HeathO50Sheffield Steel City Striders
351500:53:50Henry RoeOSEN
36570:54:21Liam AldersonOSEN
37650:55:32Steve BlakeO40Steel City Striders RC
381470:55:42Jawad QasrawiO50Mangers
391080:55:44Andy HinchliffeO60Steel City Striders RC
401320:55:54Mark MurphyO60Porter Valley Plodders
411180:56:00Martyn LorimerO40
42660:56:13David BockingO60Steel City Striders RC
431660:56:17Clare ThompsonF40Hillsborough & Rivelin Running Club2nd F40
441210:56:26Peter MalcolmOSEN
45720:56:35Liz CarthyF50Totley AC2nd F50
461390:57:03Neal PatesO50Steel City Striders RC
471260:57:28Ash MellorsO40Steel City Striders RC
481530:57:35Kevin RowlesO60Killamarsh Kestrels
491040:57:37John Hamshaw ThomasO50
501650:57:38Ed TealeOSEN
511050:58:00Cara HansonF40Steel City Striders RC
521780:58:29Will WinlowOSENSteel City Striders RC
531830:58:33Sam CooperOSEN
54980:58:39Louise Gillman PettyF40Killamarsh Kestrels
55770:59:37Leighton CollinsO40
56891:00:00Martin DownhamO60Steel City Striders RC
57741:00:14Charlotte CivicoFSENSteel City Striders RC
58941:00:17Alex EvansF40Dronfield Running Club
591351:00:22Stephen OramO50
601791:00:48Kevin WongO40Steel City Striders RC
61561:00:52Lucy AldersonFSENSteel City Striders RC
62961:01:05Mark GamsuO60Dark Peak Fell Runners
631301:01:35Anna MortonFSEN
641401:02:04Stephen PettyO40Killamarsh Kestrels
65791:02:16Sharon ColyerFSENSteel City Striders RC
661521:02:18Liz RoweF40Hillsborough & Rivelin Running Club
67751:02:24Karen ClarkF60Steel City Striders RC1st F60
681371:02:35Esther PalfreymanFSEN
691221:02:44Lisa MalloyFSENKingstone Runners Barnsley
70691:03:27Nick BrignalO50
711671:03:40Diana TottleF60
721561:04:10Nicola SewellF50Smiley Paces
731021:04:21Kevin HaightonO60Steel City Striders RC
741551:04:39Jo SessionsF40
751481:04:39Liz RobertsF40
761201:05:11Peter MacfarlaneO60Dark Peak Fell Runners
77781:05:21Shaz ColwellF50
78991:05:23Jo GleigF60Steel City Striders RC
791171:06:10Deborah LodgeF50Totley AC
801121:06:37David JolleyO60Killamarsh Kestrels
811101:06:56Charlotte HusseyF40
821601:07:03Emily StelmachF40
831381:07:38David ParryO70Steel City Striders RC1st M70
84951:07:42John ExleyO50Kingstone Runners Barnsley
85801:07:50Andrew CooperO60Dambusters Running Club
86821:07:50Anthony CouchOSEN
87941:08:32Alex EvansF40Dronfield Running Club
881681:08:50Amanda TowersF50Dronfield Running Club
891461:09:04Jo PriddyF40
90871:09:40Julia DelaneyF50Dronfield Running Club
911361:10:00Erica OramF50
921131:10:26Emily JonesFSENSteel City Striders RC
931491:10:26Ben RobertsonO50
941571:10:49Alicia SewellFSENSmiley Paces
951751:10:52Joan WallerF60Dark Peak Fell Runners
961151:12:14Natalie KhoazF40Vegan Runners UK
971341:12:14James NortonO40
981511:12:33Kate RossF40
991641:14:55Naomi TaylorF40
100601:18:16Jane BeagleyF50
1011451:20:05Daisy PoundOSEN
1021441:20:05Isabelle PoundF60Smiley Paces

Cat Lane Canter 2024 – 5k results

PositionRace numberTimeNameCategoryClubNotes
1170:23:21Denny FrazerOU18Winner & 1st U18
2340:24:14Al McGregorO50Mrs Mellors Cellar2nd place & 1st M40 and 1st M50
31810:25:10Matt RitchieO403rd place & 2nd M40
4300:25:17Jasper KerrOU18Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield2nd U18
51420:25:29Neil PiperO403rd M40
6190:26:45Stuart GarnerO40
71160:27:24Jake ListOSEN
840:28:43Alex BattenOSEN
9180:29:51Sarah GandeeFSEN1st Woman
10260:30:15Connor HibbertOU183rd U18
111270:30:23Andrew MooreO60Totley AC1st M60
12250:30:40Danni HibbertF402nd Woman and 1st F40
13350:30:44Castor David Merino PerezO40
14620:31:04Chris BennettO50
1570:31:06Anna ButlerFSEN
1620:31:10Elliot Baldwin-DialOU18
17100:31:11James DialO40
18400:31:38Arnold OramOU18
19470:31:44Seth RossOU18
20460:31:44Simon RossO40
2110:32:25Sam Baldwin-DialOU18
22370:32:59Ann-Marie MulveyF40Sheffield Steel City Striders2nd F40
2380:33:21Lucy CritchlowFSEN
24310:33:55Karam KhederOSEN
2530:34:11Amelie BarnettFU181st FU18
261820:34:21Eleanor HooperF40
27430:34:32Helen RaynesF40Totley AC
28290:34:33Jill KennyF40Totley AC
29490:34:37Lucy SmithF40Totley AC
30520:34:51Helen WakefieldF50Smiley Paces1st F50
31110:36:06Alexi DimondOSEN
32330:36:13Maya MartínezFU182nd FU18
33510:36:34Dan TullyO50
34630:36:40Alyce BiddleFSEN
351870:36:40Anna WigginsF40
36240:37:04Andy HibbertO50
37530:37:18Martha WalkerFU18joint 3rd FU18
38480:37:18Eliza SheppyFU18joint 3rd FU18
39360:37:47Mandy MooreF60Totley AC1st F60
40130:39:02Daisy EdwardsFU18
41410:39:03Paul PiwowarczykOU18
42120:40:03Zoe DrewF40
43270:40:04Karli HolmesF40
44200:40:31Tracey GledhillF40Steel City Striders RC
45840:41:15Helen CrimliskF60Smiley Paces
46150:41:27Louisa FairestF40
47320:41:56Alan MarshO70Lonely Goat RC1st M70
48440:42:11Rachel RipleyFSENGoodgym Sheffield
49500:42:31Maya StelmachFU18
501860:42:43Sarah MorleyF50
51230:43:05Fred HarriottF50
5290:43:11Denise De MarcoF50
53210:43:18Helena GradyF40Meersbrook Milers
54390:45:43Nicole NieldF70Steel City Striders RC1st F70
55140:47:22Scarlett EdwardsFU18
56280:47:22Phoebe HoltomFU18
57420:49:24Caroline PolandF70
5861:02:28Joel BorkinOSEN