Totley AC Fast Group – every Tuesday evening 6.30pm to 8pm

When & where does the Totley AC fast group meet?

The Totley AC Tuesday fast group meets every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm, returning at around 8pm:

As a rule of thumb, we move to the Hammer & Pincers shortly before the clocks change, and back to the Club Hut shortly after they change back, although this depends on the weather

Tuesday running – Summer meeting place (BST)

Tuesday Running – Winter meeting place (GMT)

Totley AC Fast Group FAQs

Can I come along and run with you you?

Yes, come along and see if you like the group. You’re welcome to try a few club sessions to see if you want to join. The membership is £15 for the year if you do decide to join

How long are the Winter road runs?

The distances we’ll cover are generally between 8 and 10 miles with around 300m to 450m overall ascent in around 80 to 90 minutes. Always very hilly!

How long are the Summer off-road runs?

The distances we’ll cover are generally between 8 and 9 miles with around 300m to 400m overall ascent in around 80 to 90 minutes. These runs are mainly on moorland tracks and trails so are normally very muddy and always very hilly!

I think the fast group is too fast for me! What can I do?

Every Tuesday we also have other, slower groups running. Normally a ‘medium’ group and a shorter, slower group

Do I need to bring a head-torch for Winter the road runs?

No, you don’t need a head torch for either the road or off-road runs. However, as the winter runs are on the road and in the dark, you’ll need to wear something high-vis

Do I need to bring anything for the Summer off-road runs?

You’re not required to carry anything, but this is up to you. You may decide to carry your min. FRA kit (we have had accidents in the past like falls and twisted ankles). You may also want to carry water on hot days

Does the Totley AC Tuesday Fast Group cost anything?

No – its free. Run leaders are volunteers so it all included in your Totley AC annual membership. Come along for a few runs to see if you like it before you decide if you want to join the club.

How much does the Totley AC annual membership cost?

Individual Totley AC Running Club membership costs £15 per year

Is the fast group right for me?

If you enjoy a run where the emphasis is on speed and ascent. Most people try the medium group first – if that’s too slow for you, the fast group might be better

Example runs

Here are a selection of recent runs from the Totlet AC Fast group ‘in 23 – ’24. These vary in speed and distance according to the group on the day. With a more mixed group, faster runners double back to pick up the slower runners – no one is left behind

Hill running from the Totley Pavilion – Summer 2024