5k Totley Time Trials 2024 (5kttt)

Totley 5k Time Trails 2024

This event only for members of Totley AC

The 5k Totley Time Trials (5kTTT) is a series of 5 out-and-back 5k off-road races on Friday nights throughout the Spring & Summer, followed by a social. No course marshals, no timing chips, no entry fee – just turn up and run. The courses out-and-back and designed to be very easy to follow

Mass start at 6.30pm and runners time their own race using their running watch or if you can’t make the mass start, run the route when you can and submit your time (although you must do your run within the respective race month, e.g. Limb Valley in April or Burbage in August)

Race info

Race 1 – Limb Valley – Friday 12th April (all on trails) followed by a social at the Rising Sun (Abbey Lane)Click here for more info…
Race 2 – Totley Moss Trig – Friday 31st May ’24 (road and trails) followed by a social at the Crown Inn, Hillfoot Road (Totley)Click here for more info…
Race 3 – Lady Cannings – Friday 7th June (trails & muddy paths) followed by a social at the Norfolk Arms (Ringinglow)Click here for more info…
Race 4 – Gillifield Wood – Friday 12th July (all on trails) followed by a social at the Cross Sythes (Totley)Click here for more info…
Race 5 – Burbage Green Lane – Friday 2nd August (all on trails) followed by a social at the Norfolk Arms (Ringinglow)Click here for more info…
Separate to the 5KTTT race, the All-In-One route is a 22km / 500m route which starts and ends at the bottom of Limb Valley – a good test of navigational skills Click here for more info…

Why a time trial and not a race?

A race is where you have one start time for everyone. Because runners will be timing their own races, start times may vary even with a mass start.

This also means that if you can’t make the Friday mass start time, you can run the routes when you can (at any time in the same month) and submit your times when done

How is it scored?

In order to try to ‘level the playing field’ a bit, runners will receive a time advantage or time bonus based on their finishing position in every race. This will vary race-to-race. The formula to work out the final time is:

Final time = Finish time - (finish position x handicap)

in other words, if you finish in 10th place and the race position advantage is 10 seconds, you take off 100 seconds from your time.

The final score over the series will be the total time over the 5 races, minus the total time bonuses (their 5 finishing times added together, minus the time bonuses)


I can’t make the start time – can I still take part?

Yes. If you can’t make the start day and time, you can instead run the route another day and just submit your time. This still counts and you’ll get your handicap based on your overall position. Just remember your run has to be done within the race month, i.e. Limb Valley in April, Totley Trigg in May, Lady Cannings in June, Gillifield Wood in July, and Burbage in August

Who can run?

Only open to members of Totley AC

What kind of terrain are the runs on?

Mainly off-road on well trodden trails. Some tarmac on Moss Road

When do the races start?

Dates are as above and all races are on Friday evenings. All races will be a mass start at 6.30pm. If you can can’t make it, you can run the route another time and submit your time. See above.

I don’t fancy running. Can I still come to the social?

Yes of course

Does it cost anything?

It’s free – just turn up on the day and run

Can I submit a new run time if I run it faster?

Sadly not. Once your time has been submitted, that’s your official time

Do I have to run all the races in the series?

To be in the overall competition, you’ll need to have run all 5 routes and submitted your times. However, you can simply come along and run anyway if you prefer

How are the races timed?

The races are self-timed and need to be sent to me.

Are the courses marked & will there be marshals?

No. The routes are designed to be easy to follow so will not be marked and there won’t be any course marshals

How do I submit my time?

I’ll try to log your times on the day, or you can email them to me instead if you prefer

I’ve got another question

Email 5kttt@runtimes.co.uk

What is a ‘time trial’?

A ‘time trial’ is a type of race where people don’t necessarily all set off at the same time. For example, race cars compare their lap times around a course even though they drove at different times. A time trial means that people who can’t make the start time can still take part and enter the competition

Submit a race time

  • Send via the 5KTTT WhatsApp group (email me if you’re not a member I’ll send the link)
  • Email: chris@runtimes.co.uk