The 6 Sewer Gas Lamps Race

The 6 Sewer Gas Lamps race is a circular, orienteering urban running race starting from the Hammer & Pincers pub (Sheffield) and visiting 6 Sewer Gas Lamps around the South & West of Sheffield. The start and finish point is fixed, and there is no set route.

The aim of the race is to see how fast you can visit all 6 sewer gas lamps and get back to the start.

The run is normally in the region of about 10.5 miles or 17 km with around 400m overall ascent

Due to the nature of this run, there is a lot of scope for creativity with routes – do you try to reduce the overall ascent, the overall distance, or simple go for the easiest route?

Current leader board

NameDateOverall timeDistance (km)Total climb (m)Route
Mark Jacobi5/12/231:24:3416.41384
Ben West5/12/231:30:0816.89400
Chris Deeble-Rogers5/12/231:32:2117.67414
Chris Day5/12/231:27:4216.79394
Richard Watts8/11/22
Peter Harris8/11/221:53:4119.95478
Paul Grayson8/11/221:34:4317.65431
Chris Day8/11/221:45:0417.58410
Clare Howarth19/2/19
Chris Day19/2/131:39:2417.52423


  1. You must start and finish in the car park of the Hammer & Pincers pub
  2. You must visit all six sewer gas lamps in any order and in one run
  3. You can do this run on any day and at any time
  4. The run must be done completely on foot – e.g. no bikes, taxis, roller skates, or busses
  5. you can attempt the run and enter as many times as you like
  6. To submit your run, use the form at the bottom of the page. Please include:
    • Submit your name / date of run / time taken / total distance in KM / link to your run on Strava

Start & finish location

Gas Lamp – Stewart Road (1)

Gas Lamp – Frog Walk (2)

Gas Lamp – junction of Westborne Road (3)

Gas Lamp – School Road (4)

Gas Lamp – Bishopscourt Road (5)

Gas Lamp – Brincliffe Edge Road (6)


What is a sewer gas lamp? A sewer lamp is one that is illuminated by burning the natural methane from the sewers. None of the lamps you’ll visit on this run still use sewer gas, but they were among the last ones to do so in Sheffield

Can I attempt this in a group? Yes, run however you like – in a group or individually

Can I take a few weekends over this run? No, the run has to be completed in one go

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