Hope Valley Round (Outside)

The Route starts and finishes at the Outside shop (Main Road, Hathersage, S32 1BB). The distance is approximately 20 miles or 32 km. The terrain is mainly well-defined paths, tracks, and roads. Total ascent around 4490 ft or 1360 m


  • Choose either clockwise or anticlockwise – all checkpoints must be visited
  • Take any route between checkpoints provided it’s on a public right-of-way
  • Must be completed in one run


StartOutside Shop, Hathersage SK 230 815
ALeadmill BridgeSK 233 806
BShatton Moor mastSK 194 813
COld Moor track/path junctionSK 135 813
DMam Tor trig pointSK 128 836
ELose Hill trig pointSK 153 854
FWin Hill trig pointSK 187 851
GNether Hurst FarmSK 222 829
FinishOutside Shop, Hathersage SK 230 815

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