2024 Running Bingo

How does it work?

  1. Print your running bingo card (see the bottom of this page)
  2. Every time you upload a run to Strava, tick off the distance on your bingo sheet (in KM)
  3. Start any time in 2024 – any runs you’ve done this year count and can be marked off
  4. Wins are first complete horizontal line, first complete vertical line, and first complete sheet (all boxes crossed off)

It’s free – simply print a card & get running

4 levels of difficulty

Pick your version carefully, though – the more boxes to cross off, the longer the runs! (and the longer it’ll take to complete the full house)

Three simple rules:

  • Every time you complete a run in 2024 and upload it to Strava, you tick the distance in KM off the bingo card. Any runs already done in 2024 can be ticked off too. No rounding though – 11.98 is 11 on the bingo sheet
  • All the numbers on the cards relate to distances in KM (if you log your runs in miles you need to convert them to KM – conversion table here)
  • Count the whole KM only, for example if you run 21.2 KM, cross off 21 on the sheet. If you run 5.9KM, cross off 5 KM (no rounding up or down)

Please note, all bingo cards are completely random and unique

Who wins?

You compete against people using the same sheet as you:

  • 2nd place – first person to complete a single line on their bingo sheet (horizontal or vertical)
  • 3rd place – second person to complete a line but in the other direction (i.e. if the first line to be completed was vertical, 3rd place goes to first complete horizontal line and vice versa)
  • 1st place – first complete bingo card (all distances crossed off)

If the first person to complete the whole bingo sheet was also the first to complete either of the singles lines horizontal or vertical, the 2nd and 3rd places go to to the second and third person to complete the lines (you can only win one category per person)


Sorry, no prizes – this is just for fun 🙂


Who am I competing against? Compete by yourself, with your friends, people on Stava, within your running club or anyone you like.

Can I tick off runs from last year? No. only runs completed and uploaded to Strava in the current year count

Why do I have to upload the runs to Strava? This provides a public and time-stamped record of your runs

I ran but forgot to start my Garmin. Can I still add the run? No. Runs must be uploaded to Strava to be ticked off the sheet

I’m not in a running club. Can I still do this? Yes. Open to anyone and it’s all free.

I missed the start – can I still take part? Yes. Any runs already completed and uploaded to Strava can be crossed off

Get your 2024 bingo cards