5KTTT race 4 – Gillifield Wood – detailed route description

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1. The race starts on the bridleway opposite where Queen Victoria Road meets Mickley Lane next to the Shepley Spitfire

2. Follow the bridleway upwards for about 200m and you’ll find a steep path off to the right which goes into the trees towards the stream (this path is opposite a metal gate)

3. The path quickly reaches a small wooden bridge (watch your shins on the little bench thing which is on the bridge).

4. Cross the bridge and then follow the path as it bears left (the direction the footpath sign is pointing)

5. Now simply follow the main path all the way up through Gillifield Woods

6. Through the kissing gates and over the little bridge (if it still exists!)

7. through the wooden gate

7. You’ll finally reach a metal gate just before the bus terminus on Baslow Road. Touch the gate and run back the same way you came up

8. On the way back down, turn right just before the Scout Hut

9. Back over the little bridge (watch your shins on the bench thing) and up the steep section.

10. At the top of the steep section you come out back onto the main bridleway. Turn left down the hill and it’s 200m back to the finish