5KTTT – Totley Moss Trig – detailed route description

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1. Start at the bottom of Moss Road where it meets Lane Head Road and Follow the road up the hill – stay on the tarmac (don’t go over the style on the left)

2. After 0.9km the tarmac ends and turns to a track. Follow the track round to the left up the hill

3. At about 1.25km, go through the gate and carry straight on following the main path up the hill

4. At about 1.38 km take the path that bears off left

5. At about 2.23km you’ll get to a white pole – take the path to the right up the hill (opposite direction to the cairn)

6. At about 2.39 km there is another white pole – take the path to the right and you’ll see the trig point ahead of you.  

7. Trig is at about 2.46km. Touch the trig and follow the same route in reverse back to the start point.