Tigger Tor 2021 – guide to checkpoints

Carl Wark checkpoint

There is a well-trodden path which goes over the west side of the plateau in a north-south direction. The checkpoint is on this path on the west of the plateau on the main path

Houndkirk Hill checkpoint

There is a well-trodden path that goes over the top of Houndkirk Hill. If you’re travelling to the checkpoint from the pole in the direction of Lady Canning’s, the checkpoint is at the high point before the path descends the rocks

Higger Tor checkpoint

The checkpoint is on the North side of Higger Tor. There is a large boulder near where the path heading south from the top gate merges with the path from Burbage main Car Park

Wynyards Nick checkpoint

Looking north-west from Toad’s Mouth you’ll see a ‘nick’ in the ridge at the top of the hill – this is the Wynyards Nick checkpoint. It’s where the two main paths intersect – the east-west path heading in the direction of High Lees and the north-south path heading down towards Millstone Edge

Toad’s Mouth checkpoint

This checkpoint is the gate at the main road where the Wynyard’s Nick & Carl Wark paths meet (a few metres south-west of Toad’s Mouth rock)

Stone Trough checkpoint

This checkpoint is the stone trough on the hill about 300 metres north-east up the hill from Burbage Bridge (Toad’s Mouth). From Toad’s Mouth, look North East and the trough is to the right of a small, lone tree on one of the smaller paths